I have just played through Uncharted 4 singleplayer and it was the most satisfying gaming experience since i can remember. i felt like i was cheating the artists working on the game if i didn't look in every direction because every frame in the game is pure art :D

its because games like this i want to work in the gaming industry, i can't even imagine the feeling of joy the creators had after shipping such a polished game.

Now, i'm not going to start with " nothing is perfect " statement (i guese i just did), but this game really comes close to that. at times you forget you are even playing just because the story completely immerses you and you forget that you are holding a controler in your hands. the cinematics are golden and the seamless transition between gameplay and cinematics is, well, seamless !

now i can ramble on about every aspect being perfect. and i will !!!

story 10/10, gameplay 10/10, game design/art design 10/10, light/rendering 10/10. acting 10/10. 

OWERALL SCORE 9.99999/10 !!! :D

Respect to all the hard working artist at naughty dog ! ( can't wait for the last of us 2 )