Life Update no-24

What a crazy last few months.

life really can kick you in the balls. but the pain usually despairs quickly and your back on track. So, i got a job as an FX artist at Axis animation !!! HURAAAA !!

I moved to the UK with my girlfriend Eva, which was a challenge by itself.

So far best work experience I ever had with great people I admire. Currently, I'm working on a dream project and can't wait to share it with the world. Still, can't believe I'm working on something that just a few months ago i could only observe from afar.


On other news, I helped with the creation of this :

Rebelway is an advance Houdini and fx school that i believe has no match on the market in terms of quality and amount of informations that Saber and Igor provide.

The registrations are open for both classes so don't wait too much because it's filling fast as lightning!


That's it for this update. GO REGISTER FOR THE CLASSES !